Year 10 Contemporary Māori Art

Course Description

This course will continue to develop students' knowledge of Contemporary Māori art-making techniques. Students will look critically at a range of Contemporary Māori artists to understand their mahi and kaupapa. Students will continue to use an inquiry process to plan, design and complete a significant personalised work that integrates a range of alternative art-making techniques.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Creativity: You will be challenged to think of alternative solutions, use your own art-making experience to inform your next steps, learn about Māori symbols and patterns to communicate meaning, to complete your own informed mahi.
  • Stylised drawing and painting techniques: masking tape, stencilling, transfers, etc.

  • Decision Making: You will focus on your favourite contemporary art-making styles and techniques, select Māori artist models that inspire you and make decisions about how you will incorporate these in your own work.
  • Alternative Art Making techniques: 3-Dimensional constructions, screen-printing, woodblock printing and carving, weaving, etc.

  • Time Management: Use time management skills and use the creative process to meet deadlines.
  • Kaupapa Explored:
    • Whakawhanaungatanga - Create a korowai inspired cloak that depicts your whānau and whenua.
    • Māna Wahine - Personal exploration of powerful Māori women throughout history. Create your artwork inspired by a Wahine Toa of your choice.
    • Natural Aotearoa - Explore native flora and fauna using Māori artist models and symbols.
  • Visual Literacy: Use contemporary Māori symbols and imagery to express your ideas.

Resources Required

All resources are supplied for use in class. *If students wish to have their own supply of material to use both in class and at home they may purchase the following: Paint Palette and Lid, No. 0 Taklon Round Paintbrush, No. 4 Taklon Round Paintbrush, 2B and 6B Pencil.