Year 11 Classical Studies - Ancient Mythologies

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: N. Wright

This course introduces you to extensive mythology of Ancient Greece. 

Greek mythology: Are you fascinated with the gods and goddesses? Do you want to learn more about their stories? This unit explores how the ancient Greek people made sense of their world. It looks at the creation of the world, the origins of mankind and introduces you to the huge family tree of the Greek gods from Gaia mother earth to Hermes the winged messenger god. 

Heroes: Study the epic Trojan War and the heroes Achilles and Hector. Heroes from Norse and Māori mythologies will also be covered. This will be assessed by comparing and contrasting an Ancient Greek hero to a modern hero - Harry Potter. 

Death and the afterlife: The course ends with the end of world prophecy Ragnarok from Norse/Viking culture compared to modern doomsdayers. 

This course is a good foundation for Level Two Classics as it covers vital skills such as critical thinking, literacy, creativity and collaboration. 

This course can be taken on its own, or in conjunction with Love, Revenge and Murder (11CLAL). 

If you have any questions, please see Miss Wright in room 21 for more information.

Thor: Ragnarok – 12 Revelations From Director Taika Waititi ...Greek Gods SVG, EPS, Ancient Gods Vector, Zeus PNG, Mythology ...

Contributions and Equipment

1 X 1 B8 exercise book

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry. Students are more likely to enjoy this course and be successful if they have strong reading and writing skills.


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