Year 11 Economics in Action

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: J. Lang

What will I learn?
In Economics in Action, you will investigate how the decisions made by consumers are influenced by scarcity and the choices available, and how these always end in lost opportunities.
You will develop your Economic language by investigating a research topic, surveying people and consider the costs and benefits of the project.
You will investigate local business to understand why producers make the decisions they do and explore the concept of Interdependence by looking at the effect of change on the different sectors of the economy. This will involve understanding the circular flow of the New Zealand economy and examining the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan.

Students will investigate the answers to questions such as:
• Why do they pester me to add more to my order?
• Why do McDonalds sell pies, also known as whatever happened to Georgie Pie?
• How do producers make decisions about resources, production and business structure?
• Who really benefits from giveaways?
• How does a producer gain global domination?
• What influences the Government decisions about spending and funding for resources?
• Why is the economy like a jigsaw puzzle?

- Problem-solving
- Critical thinking
- Working in groups and as individuals
- Gathering information using primary and secondary sources and drawing conclusions
- Developing and interpreting surveys
- Talking to people
- Communicating economic ideas and opinions through discussion, written material, visual display
- Making decisions and choices
- Making basic calculations, percentage change
- Using economic models
- Demonstrating self responsibility.

Suit students who:
- Enjoy discussion and debate
- Like a mix of individual and group work
- Enjoy a range of learning activities
- See a future in journalism, law, retailing, social work, politics, insurance, banking and business ownership.

Contributions and Equipment

laptop or chromebook
1 Pocket Calculator


Useful Links

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