Year 11 Geography - Explore and Experience

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: D. Severinsen

What students will learn:

• Basic geographic skills, orienteering and exploring the world around us by using Google Earth and other online digital tools.

• Develop an understanding of sustainable environments.

How students will learn:

  • Through collaborating, communicating, using critical thinking skills and fieldwork.
  • Through practical indoor/outdoor activities.
  • Through conducting and presenting geographic research.

What students will enjoy:

  • Using digital tools such as Google Earth.
  • Using virtual reality tools such as Google Glasses.
  • Learning outside the classroom through local research and an optional one day trip - location to be confirmed (possibly to the Poor Knights Islands).

Contributions and Equipment

Own electronic device - lap top or notebook
Exercise book 1B8 or 2B8
Pens, pencils, ruler, gluestick, coloured pencils

Recommended Prior Learning

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