Year 11 Pasifika Studies Introduction to Pacific Studies

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Hughes

This course focuses on Pasifika research context. There is a high degree of student led initiative. 

The course is made up of a combination of research, presentation and cultural practice and performance. Students are able to study Tradition and Culture, Change and Development, Indigenous Knowledge, Arts, Crafts and Music from the Pacific, Cook Islands or Niue.

The skills learned are  valuable in any career that requires leadership, team work communication skills, creativity, taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. These are all skills that are very sought after in any work place today.


  • Group Performance - students learn, rehearse and share a variety of Pasifika dance works and perform them to audiences. Performances may include Whangarei Pasifika Festival, Fiafia Night, WGHS Concerts and Whangarei Ballet and Dance Teachers Concert.
  • Discover traditions and culture of the Pacific Islands.
  • Research and cultural practice in Arts, Crafts, Music and Storytelling.
  • Perform Dance, Music and Performance Sequences - students learn and then perform different Pasifika dance styles for example: Hula, Sasa, Lakalaka

• Exercise imagination, find solutions to movement problems
• Think and write critically, creatively, reflectively and logically in choreography, performing and viewing
• Develop ability to negotiate and work cooperatively with others
• Develop leadership and communication skills through problem solving practical tasks as a team.
• Recognise and develop knowledge and understanding of Pasifika cultural heritage
• Develop specific dance and performance skills, personal fitness and health through a range of Pasifika and ethnic dance styles.

Recommended Prior Learning

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