Year 11 Science - Magnificent Microbes and Interesting Inheritance

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Scourfield

Genes, Genetics and Ethics! 

• How you inherit your traits from your whakapapa/family, punnet squares and pedigree charts
• Mutations, genetic disorders and inheritance
• DNA, chromosomes, genes, alleles and how they work 
• Gene editing (CRISPR) and the power of technology
• Environmental impacts, natural selection and survival.

Microbes and Human Pathogens and disease 

  • The different types of microbes and how they make us unwell
  • Infection, transmission and prevention of diseases 
  • The human immune system, how it works, vaccinations and technology

Some choice for research into diseases that have affected Aotearoa and the world throughout history. 

Recommended for students wanting to go in to year 12 Biology.

2020 Students had this to say about the course:

I would recommend this course because it is a good foundation for 12BIO and it also just provides general important knowledge in an interesting/fascinating way.

This course is very interesting and it allows you to learn more about what really goes on in your body - when you're sick for example. Learning about genetics was also very cool as it gave you the ability to gain more knowledge on what makes you you.

If students have a natural talent or knack or just generally enjoy the whole Bio aspect of Science, then I'd recommend Magnificent Microbes to them, more so if they want to pursue a career in which learning about genes and DNA could be handy and useful.

I would say you should take this because it's very fun.

I think its a good course to take because you do learn a lot.

I would recommend this subject to other students as its very interesting and deals with human life. It is very informative for the current time (Covid).

Contributions and Equipment

1 x 1B5 exercise book
Scipad Genetic Variation mini book - (optional) available from Officemax

Recommended Prior Learning

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