Year 11 Textile and Fashion Technology - Contemporary Cultural Textiles

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: R. Pedersen

The emphasis for this course is embellishment of fabric; students will draw on their personal cultural backgrounds through generations to create unique and personalised designs. Students will then have the opportunity to evolve these ideas into a more contemporary style and create a simple textile product such as a cushion, duvet cover, wall hanging or patch.
Reflecting on and trialing traditional crafts from a range of cultures through this hands on, practical course allows students to experience printing and other embellishment techniques to enhance material to a final designer textile. Culture is not limited to ethnic backgrounds, this is just a starting point.
Design principles such as pattern repetition, line, contrast. use of negative space, balance, harmony, and colour will be taught in class.
Technical skills will also be taught including but not limited to printing, hand stitching, machine embroidery, dying, batik, felting, and applique

Contributions and Equipment

Final product: $30.00 - (optional)
Students also have the option to purchase more specialised materials, equipment or resources for their individual projects (e.g: developing screens for printing vs hand cut, pine vs rimu) they will need to be mindful of this when working through the design process.

Recommended Prior Learning

Any art or design course. Awareness of whakapapa and background.


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