Year 12 Careers Intensives

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Career Intensives give WGHS students the opportunity to progress their learning by studying off site at Northtec.  You will be accepted into any of these programmes only after discussions with career and pathways staff.  Selecting 12CARIS will not specify which course you are choosing.  This will be done in consultation with staff.  These are the intensives on offer:

  1. Health Academy L2

This pathway will link students with careers in the health industry and pathways through tertiary to those health career opportunities.  Practical components of learning will include nursing simulation as well as field trips to industry.

Total number of credits (approximately) 31

Total number of days (one day a week) 24

Venue - Northtec Raumanga Campus

2.    Construction Academy L2

An ideal starting point for further study in the construction sector

Total number of credits (approximately) 45

Total number of days (one day a week) 34

Venue - Northtec Future Trades Campus, Dyer St

3.    Automotive Academy L2

Graduates of this qualification will be able to demonstrate both generic and industry specific skills covering a range of work roles available in the motor industry.

Total number of credits (approximately) 59

Total number of days (two days a week) 58

Venue - Northtec Future Trades Campus, Dyer St

4.    Hair and Beauty Academy L2

Ideal for students who are wishing to pursue a career in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and to have a qualification which would allow them to pathway to NZC in Hairdressing L3 or NZC in Beauty Therapy L4

Total number of credits (approximately) 30

Total number of days (one day a week) 36 and additional block courses, including during school holidays

Venue - Northtec Raumanga campus

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