Year 12 Media Studies

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: B. O'Rourke

Media Studies students will expand your range of e-learning skills. You will plan and present work on a range of different media platforms or programmes. Developing your 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity will underpin all learning activities. Internal assessment opportunities include the option to write either a screenplay or a film review for a target audience; or to investigate how the media represents people or an issue, place or event. The genre study (external examination) will be co-constructed with your teacher. Film genres may include; The Hollywood Musical film genre, Dystopian/Science Fiction film genre or another film genre. From your genre study, you will plan and create either a music video or present the opening sequence of a genre-specific film. Formative activities in film and sound work, editing and writing will form part of the course for students to develop skills for their production work, and to support their wider learning needs and career aspirations.

• Students will develop their critical thinking skills as they reflect and refine their production work. Also, they will develop analytical skills through their written and oral presentations
• Practical hands-on experience in planning, constructing and presenting a media product for a particular audience

Contributions and Equipment

1 1B8 Exercise Book
1 A3 Scrapbook
1 16GB Flash drive

There may be an optional cost for engaging an outside provider for a production workshop to be held out of school time. There may also be a trip to Auckland to visit an advertising agency or to be part of a studio audience for a local tv production. (optional)

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 11 Media Studies, English or History


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