Year 11 Engineering

Course Description

Engineering is all around us. It is the application of science, maths and technology to solve real world problems. This course will provide practical opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of scientific ideas, while using technologies and useful mathematical tools. Most learning will be in the form of mini projects, where students will use the engineering design process to identify and solve problems. Possible projects could include small structures (e.g. bridges), small vehicles, or alternative energy (solar vehicles, wind powered generators).

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Problem Solving - identifying an issue and making a plan to solve it.
  • Forces - structures must withstand the forces they experience while machines must be able to produce certain forces.
  • Collaboration - working together to harness the strengths of individuals.
  • Newton's law of motion - these explain the links between forces and motion.
  • Critical thinking - objective evaluation of evidence.
  • Energy - energy is required to make things work; it is always conserved.
  • Research and investigation - finding information about the issue of interest.
  • Measurement - accuracy and the use of abstract formulae to solve numerical problems.
  • Numeracy - calculating and estimating.

Resources Required

1B8 or 1E8 exercise book or similar
Scientific calculator