Year 11 History - Black Lives Matter

Course Description

In Year 11 History students will learn from the past in order to better understand the present and future. This half year course focuses on the campaign to remove racist laws in the USA and asks the question: how much more needs to be done to create a racially equal society in the US and here in NZ?

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Critical thinking- using logic, interpreting information to create understanding, identifying patterns and trends.
  • Racism is a feature of American life- how did the slave trade affect later generations of Black Americans?
  • Information literacy- identifying fact and opinion, making judgements about the quality of information, assessing the reliability of different sources of information such as websites.
  • Why did individuals and groups fight to end racist laws and how successful were they?

  • Communication skills- communicating effectively in a variety of formats: for example in small group and full class discussions; written work; visual formats.
  • How did racist groups like the KKK try to resist such change?

  • Why did the civil rights movement become more radical in the 70s? How much impact did people like Malcolm X have on American society?

  • What issues did Maori face in the second half of the twentieth century?

  • What are some similarities and differences between race relations in the USA and in NZ?

Resources Required

1B8 exercise book