Media Studies

Tēnā koe – welcome to MEDIA STUDIES

He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He Kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero. 

 What is the food of the leader. It is knowledge. It is communication.


FAQ: What is Media Studies?

If you are fascinated by news or why an image or video goes viral, have uploaded content to YouTube, like making video projects or like to keep up with the latest tech trends and social media, then we have a course for you.

Media Studies is a creative subject that aims to challenge you. You find stories you want to tell and a way to tell them.  See the talent on display in our Showreel.

Media Studies blends ideas and industry practices with creative activities. Media Studies prepares you for the world of work by getting hands on in making your own media products and developing your critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

We discuss how “the media” affects people and places by exploring the cultural, political, economic, technological and psychological forces behind media events, past and present. 

FAQ: Why Study Media Studies?

  • Because it’s a discussing and doing kind of subject!
  • Because as ‘screenagers’ you are living in an info-rich, connected and online 24/7 world. Media Studies aims to unpack who is producing the media you consume and for what purpose … to help make sense of the world we live in.
  • Because it gives you transferrable skills like critical thinking and good project management that are used in your other subjects. And future workplace.
  • Because you have flexibility in what you learn and make.
  • Because this subject is social. Media Studies is all about communication and people.
  • Because you develop 21st century skills … while not new, they are newly important in our e-digital world.
  • Because you can pick up Media Studies at any level.
  • Because Media Studies is an exciting way to learn about our society and ourselves.


Want to know more about Media Studies? Pop in for a chat with Ms O’Rourke (Rm 31) or Ms Urbahn (Rm 3). 

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