Year 10 Chinese

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: T. Gwillim

This course will suit students who enjoy communicating and are willing to try speaking new sounds and phrases with their peers. Students taking this course will like using technology to help them along their language learning pathway.

Students will be introduced to Chinese language and culture and will learn to communicate about themselves, their families and friends using games, songs, video clips, cultural studies, group tasks and role plays.

They will learn pronunciation skills and a range of useful expressions. They will carry out short conversations in Chinese about matters such as school subjects, eating out, favourite sports and hobbies. Students will begin to recognise some basic Chinese characters and to understand how they link to the culture. They will learn to recognise sentences in Chinese Pinyin and some short sentences using characters. They will begin to recognise how the language is organised and the patterns it contains.

This course will contain a number of self-directed units to accommodate both new students and those who have already made progress in learning Chinese Mandarin.