Year 10 Through the Lens

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: M. Northey

Media and Representation is a core aspect of Through the Lens. 

The way in which young people are represented in the New Zealand Media has a significant impact on how we see ourselves, others and our unique kiwi culture. Representation acknowledges that the Media is a major socialising agent, and that the Media acts as a lens which shapes and informs our understanding of the world, our identity and world views. Through a study of representation, students will inquire, explore, and develop understandings of the diverse ways in which New Zealand, New Zealanders, and our culture is represented, across a range of different Media texts and text types. Students can investigate the multitude of reasons that these Media representations occur, as well as considering the validity of the representations. In today's society, we are expected to navigate a world dictated by technological literacy. Smart phones, wifi, Netflix, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, social media, news, communication and more are everyday aspects of life for the majority of students at WGHS. Media messages are essentially inescapable these days- and a lot of our understanding of the world and ourselves is shaped by the discourse we are immersed in, and, in turn, create. We are living in a digital world. This is a course that recognises and reflects our digital world, and the ways in which we contribute to this. 

Course Overview

Term 1

The term by term plan will be co-constructed between teacher and students, according to ako, current affairs and other external influences. The learning could include (but not limited to):
Genre study
Production- for example, public service announcements to be broadcast over Channel Fideliter (video) or WGHR (radio)
Inquiry project looking at an ethical issue such as representation of women or privacy on social media.


Year 11 English - Let's Get Critical, Critical, Year 11 English - Stage and Screen, Year 11 English - The Power of Language

Journalism, Law, Teaching and Education, Social Media Manager, Public Relations, Marketing and Business, Advertising, Media Production, Social Sciences.