Year 10 Smashbook

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: K. Urbahn

This course will capitalise on the popular activity of smashbooking. Smashbooking is a vibrant and less structured form of scrapbooking. Students will be taken through the ‘art’ of smashbooking, a way of compiling and archiving their life. Sites such as Pinterest will be useful in providing inspiration for smashbooking techniques. Students will be provided with a visual diary that they will develop into their own personal smashbook. The focus will be on journalling their life, and developing pieces of creative writing along various themes. All of this writing will form the basis for their smashbook entries. It is envisaged that the course will also involve challenges - whole class writing challenges that students will be given a set period of time to develop, with the intention of being included in their smashbook. Over the course of this option, their smashbook will evolve into a personal log of students' learning while playing with words, textures, and images.


Year 11 - Smashbook 2.0, Year 11 English - Keeping it Kiwi, Year 11 English - Let's Get Critical, Critical, Year 11 English - Literacy unlocked, Year 11 English - Mirror mirror, Year 11 English - Stage and Screen, Year 11 English - The Power of Language, Year 11 English - Weaving Words

Contributions and Equipment

All students need: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, glue stick, highlighters, coloured pencils, scissors for all classes

There are no specific requirements for this class:

Recommended Prior Learning

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