Year 11 Dance - Essentials

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: L. Neal

This course is specifically for students who would like to gain confidence through exploration of movement, not necessarily for performance. Dance Essentials has a focus on themes of social issues and environmental disasters. The course focus is on team work and cooperation. The skills learned are valuable in any career that requires leadership, team work, communication skills, creativity, taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. These are all skills that are very sought after in any work place today.

Content :
• Group Composition - students choreograph dances using a wide variety of movement problems
• Perform Dance Sequences - students learn and then perform three different dance styles
• Group Dance - students learn, rehearse and share dance works to improve their ensemble skills.
• Understanding the elements of dance - students reflect on practical choreographic techniques in a written and digital portfolio.
• View and respond to professional dance works.
• Research and understand different dance styles/ genres.

• Gain confidence in specific dance and movement skills, personal fitness and health, through a range of different dance styles. Exercise imagination, find solutions to movement problems
• Communicate ideas about dance through writing and sketching.
• Develop ability to negotiate and work cooperatively with others
• Develop leadership and communication skills through problem solving practical tasks as a team.


Year 12 Dance, Year 12 Pasifika Studies Level 2

Contributions and Equipment

2x 1b5 exercise books
2 x black leggings ( preferably 1x short , 1x ¾ length)

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry

Pathway Tags

teaching, health sector, hospitality, tourism, creative industries, entrepreneur, entertainment industries.

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