Year 11 Mathematics with Geometry and Measurement (Semester 1)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: R. Telfer

This course has a focus on mathematics with Geometry and Measurement. Geometry is the study of space and shape.  Measurement is used everyday from the kitchen to the builders yard. Topics covered will be Transformations, Geometric Representations and Measurement. In total 8 credits will be offered in this course. 

This course can be combine with either Mathematics with Statistics or Elements of Mathematics for students who wish to study Mathematics with Statistics at Level 2 and 3. Students who wish to study Mathematics with Calculus should also study Mathematics with Algebraic Thinking. 

As NCEA Levels 1-3 and UE require 10 Numeracy credits we strongly recommended you take 2 semesters in Mathematics at Year 11 so you can achieve this. 


Year 12 Mathematics with Calculus, Year 12 Mathematics with Statistics

Contributions and Equipment

Workbooks (optional) available from Office Max
A scientific calculator or graphics calculator (cost approximately $95.00), is required
2 1E5 Exercise Book

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry to Year 11