Year 11 Media Studies - Lights, Camera, Action

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: B. O'Rourke

Time to get our hands on the tools. Students will plan and produce content for the school YouTube channel - Channel Fideliter. After identifying the target audience and responding to stakeholder feedback, students will generate content suitable for the our online audience - peers, teachers and school community. Media products created could include PSAs, Instructional videos and TVCs- television ads. The course will include production issues such as copyright considerations, online etiquette and will introduce you to the editing program Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

This course offers the same learning and skills as 11MSTM.

"Cinema is life with all the boring bits cut!"


Year 12 Media Studies

Contributions and Equipment

16GB - or higher - Pen Drive
Adobe Premiere Pro 'Education" licence fee - available for you to use at home.
FYP - costs from 'your own pockets' for materials needed for your video projects eg: costuming, props, transportation etc.

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry

Pathway Tags

television, radio, print journalism, producers, directors, art designers, production runners, cinematographers, videographers, advertising, social media specialists, drone operator, camera operator, event management, video and film editors, copywriters, print editors, costumers, prop makers, animator, communication, public relations, policy advisors, scriptwriter, planners, digital marketing, graphic designers, digital web design, programmers, media analysts, brand marketing, creatives, client liaison, account directors, market researchers, video game designer, Production Assistant, radio host, campaign executive, composer/musician, sound recordist, digital engineer, lighting technician, researcher, location manager, actor

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