Year 11 Product and Design - Product and Design 101

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: D. Beazley

Students will learn how to use a wide range of tools and machines, both traditional and modern. The students will design unique projects that go through the process of concepts, development and final.

The final project will be made to a high standard using a range of materials and techniques.

Students will gain an understanding of angles, tolerances, measurement, grouping, wastage, costing, machine setup, xyz axis, scale, ergonomics, workshop safety, presentation skills.

Students will gain a broad understanding of materials, construction methods, machine use, safety and computer programmes.


Practical construction.
Design thinking.
Visual communication.
Modelling & prototyping.
Digital and physical construction.

This is a course for students who enjoy:

Being creative.
Problem solving.
Learning new skills.
Working with digital and physical sense.
Product & Design
Design Visual Communication
Textile Fashion Technology


Year 12 Product and Design

Contributions and Equipment

Final product: $40.00 (optional)

Recommended Prior Learning

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Pathway Tags

Engineering, Architecture, Product & Design, Manufacture Design, Spatial Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Designer, Builder, Boat Builder

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