Year 12 Drama - Performing Arts Technologies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: W. Walker

Have a look at Kelsi Stroud's video on Shakespeare which shows the building and coming together of the set and other production aspects of the Graduation production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Just click the link below.  

A Midsummer Night's Dream - link to production set building vid

Students will learn the basic of the Performing Arts Technologies listed below and will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops run by industry experts and/or skilled technicians.

They will collaborate on providing Set, Costume and Make-up design for a range of Drama, Dance and Music projects.

The range of technologies students will study include:

  • set design
  • Set Construction
  • Lighting design and Operation
  • Costume design and creation
  • Make-up design and application
  • Sound design, creation and operation
  • Stage management
  • Production management

It will also be possible to include options in the course:

  • Script writing
  • Stage directing

NOTE: Depending on numbers, it is possible that this will be combined course with Year 13 students. If so, Year 12 students will do Level 2 standards whilst Year 13 do Level 3 credits.


Year 13 Drama, Year 13 Drama - Performing Arts Technologies

Drama has an intrinsic value to those who do it. It is excellent for developing confidence, the imagination, team collaboration skills, understanding of the world around, other people and their behaviours, personal creativity, self-discipline, visual, oral and written texts. Of course, anyone who participates positively in it will have fun!
It is also an essential subject for those with an interest in any part of the theatre, television or movie industries.
Right now, in New Zealand, there are a growing number of opportunities for Drama practitioners, not only in theatre but in television, film and internet productions. In addition to a very active locally based television and film production scene, the industry is booming with Disney, Amazon, Netflix and James Cameron all making ongoing commitments to producing projects here such as the $1million per episode Lord of the Rings television series just starting in Auckland and the Avatar movie series being made out of Wellington.
Former Drama students can find a wide range of employment opportunities in stage and screen related areas, in addition to acting. These include Playwrighting, Screenwriting, Stage direction, Film and Television direction, Set Design, Lighting Design, Sound design, Make-up design, Special effects, Art direction, Gaffer, Props making, Arts administration, Film producing, Arts marketing, Production Management and, of course, teaching.
Some make their way independently into a Performing Arts related career whilst others go on to study at one of the many excellent tertiary institutions that cater for graduates interested in the above career choices.
At WGHS, the Drama department is looking at developing more opportunities for students to work with camera performance and production. It is also hoping to develop Maori Theatre as a subject all the way to Year 13.
Thw WGHS Drama department is also actively involved with the creation of local pathways into the theatre for our former students through Wahine Works, a theatre company set up by former students.

Recommended Prior Learning

See the link above to a video which tracks the production process of this dhow.

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
U.S. 27699 v3 Research and design a costume for a specified performance context
U.S. 27700 v4 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of stage lighting design and process for a performance context
U.S. 27701 v4 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of make-up design and application for a specified character
U.S. 27702 v4 Take responsibility for a production area of a performance
U.S. 27704 v4 Design and construct item(s) to meet production needs for a performance context
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 20 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 20 credits.