Level 3 English Exploring the Human Condition *

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

This is a course which encourages students to delve deeply into what makes humans ‘tick’. Through a range of extended written and visual texts, students will explore how humans respond to external influences. Students will have opportunities to curate a writing portfolio, to respond to critical writing around a chosen theme, and to prepare for external examinations in written text and film.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Develop written personal voice in a range of genres including creative non-fiction and academic literary essay.
  • In-depth study of a written text- either Shakespearean tragedy or dystopian.
  • Think critically about how and why language is used for a given purpose.
  • Visual text- feature length film.
  • Read, and critique, a range of critics’ articles associated with their studied written text.
  • Explore a range of writing genres, and develop sustained writing for a portfolio.
  • Engage in rich discussion.
  • What makes a speech effective? Compose and deliver seminar to peer group.

Year Levels/Departments:

English, Seniors

Resources Required

Exercise book
Optional literature text to purchase $20