Year 9 Integrated Core - The Switch Project

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: G. Williams


Our students are entering a different world to that of their parents and teachers with new job and learning opportunities. These opportunities need students that can think deeply about issues, solve problems creatively, communicate clearly in a variety of media, learn ever-changing technologies, and deal with multiple sources of information. Most importantly, these opportunities need students who can adapt thoughtfully to different situations and take ownership of their learning and actions. It is with these opportunities in mind that we have designed The Switch Project Curriculum.

What is the Integrated Core Programme?

The Integrated Core programme which we call The Switch Project is an exciting initiative for students who wish to be involved in an integrated approach to learning. This innovative curriculum is based on developing learners, leaders and change-makers who use knowledge meaningfully in our local community across the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology,  Arts, PE and Health.

The Switch Project aims to encompass the principles of the NZ curriculum. 

  • Encourages Learning to Learn - being able to reflect on the learning processes and how to learn.
  • Promotes Community Engagement - connecting with the student’s wider lives, and engage the support of families, whānau and community.
  • Is Coherent - provides links across the learning areas and pathways for further learning.
  • Future Focused - encourages students to look to the future, exploring issues such as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise and globalisation.

Who are we?

Passionate teachers working together with passionate learners. Specialised teachers have been selected across the learning areas to form The Switch Project teaching team. They have been selected for their abilities to integrate learning and inspire all learners to achieve success in both their learning and well-being. Teachers collaborate to design and teach each of the four SWITCH strands and ensure that all learners are engaged in meaningful learning.

NCEA and beyond

Students have the option to continue with an Integrated Core Programme - The Switch Project in Year 10.  Being part of the Integrated Core  Programme - The Switch Project, prepares students with all the skills and knowledge they need for Year 11 and beyond. 

Students who participate in The Integrated Core Programme - The Switch Project will be passionate life long learners who:

  • Make a difference
  • Look to the future
  • Imagine, design and create
  • Find and solve problems
  • Take responsible risks
  • Are change leaders
  • Collaborate with shared purpose
  • Communicate effectively
  • Innovate and disrupt
  • Meaningfully use exponential technology


The purpose of assessment is to measure learning and progress. Students in The Integrated Core Programme  - The Switch Project will be assessed against learning outcomes derived from Level 5 of the NZ curriculum. The way they are assessed may be different with a focus on innovative ways of demonstrating learning. All students will maintain an e-portfolio of evidence and pitch for differentiated levels of micro credential badges. 

Is this a gifted and talented programme?

This programme is designed for learners of all abilities. Any students with a passion for learning in an innovative learning environment are welcome.

How will my time be spent?

Students will spend approximately 22 hours over a six day cycle in the Integrated Core Programme. For the remainder of the time they will learn alongside other students in a range of option subjects and mixed year level groups at whānau time.

Use of technology

ALL students in The Integrated Core Programme - The Switch Project are required to have a laptop. Innovative use of technology will be a key feature of the The Switch Project.

Is The Integrated Core Programme  - The Switch Project for me?

  • I have an interest in the future and futuristic thinking     
  • I am interested in making a difference in my community
  • I like learning things in different or unique ways
  • I like working collaboratively with others
  • I like problem solving and finding new problems to solve
  • I would like to choose how I experience my learning

Whanau and Student Voice

“From being in the Integrated Core Programme-The SWITCH project, I have gained good collaboration and communication skills. I can work with many different types of people and their perspectives. Also I think that being able to do community and school based projects has really helped my confidence levels, creative skills and my ability to think outside the box.”

“ My teachers and people/friends around me in class are super supportive with my hobbies and passions and want to help me succeed. Being part of the Integrated Core Programme-The SWITCH project,  has allowed me to flourish and blossom into the person I have always wanted to be at school and I am enjoying it.”

“Our daughter has developed and improved on many new levels since being part of the Integrated Core Programme-The SWITCH project. Her confidence and willpower has grown intensely and she enjoys having many resources, teachers and peers around her to help her blossom into the best she can be.  She always comes home with a positive attitude and tells us about her new projects and learning. She enjoys going to school each day knowing that there’s something new she can learn with the teachers who will push her to achieve at a high level.”

“The Integrated Core Programme-The SWITCH project has taught my daughter how to research, to think for herself and look more deeply into things. She has needed to develop the self-discipline to plan work and to take on board feedback from the teachers to make improvements. She has learnt some valuable communication skills especially in oral and digital presentations. The Integrated Core-SWITCH programme is driving the development of skills and the ability to assess the value of the information in front of her that I hope will be a good foundation for learning in Year 11. “

Further information

To be part of The Integrated Core Programme - The Switch Project, please select this on the enrolment form.

If you have any questions please contact:


Year 10 Integrated Core - The Switch Project

Year 10 core classes - English, Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies

Contributions and Equipment

1 x Foolscap Lever Arch File and dividers
2 x A4 Refill 7B8 (75 leaves, 7mm ruled with holes)
14J5 Graph pad (5mm loose leaves with holes)
A4 Visual Diary
2 x Vivid Markers
2 x Whiteboard Markers