Future Focus Your Skills

An important first step to thinking about a career for the future, is developing an understanding of yourself in terms of your skills.

A skill is the ability to do something.

We are not born with skills, we develop them as we get involved in school, interests, community and work activities.

Being able to identify all the skills you have can open you up to more career options. It can also help you work out if you have any skill or knowledge gaps that can be filled with further training.

Skills can be:

Transferable skills

A transferable skill is one that can be used in a variety of situations or jobs - you transfer them from one job to another. The great thing about transferable skills is that they make you adaptable.

Examples include problem solving, good communication and, working in effective teams.

You need these because you will have many jobs and responsibilities in your lifetime.


Self-management skills

Self-management skills enable you to work well in different types of situations with a variety of people. 

Examples include: meeting deadlines, being motivated, punctuality and showing initiative.


Specialist skills

Specialist skills usually relate to a specific job or group of jobs.

Examples include: fluency in a language or the ability to use specific computer programmes and technical equipment.

21st Century Skills

Identifying your skills can help you plan your next career steps.

This will help you to

  • decide what sort of jobs you might like to do.
  • decide what areas you need to focus your study or training on.
  • write your CV if you are applying for a job.

There are several skill related activities you can do on understand your current skills and identify skills you need to develop. Click on the links below to try some of them.

Know your skills - complete this interactive module to find out how to identify your skills.

Skill matcher - match your skills to job ideas

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