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Getting Started with Online Course Selection

Course selection will be active from 14th August 2020

The link below will take you to some great advice from the NZ Careers website.

careers guide to course selection

Prior to making your selection, we recommend you read through the relevant parts of the useful information section.

Options Afternoon:

On August 13 2020, 2.30pm to 6.00pm, the school will be open for students and whanau to talk with specialist staff and find out what, where and how they will be studying next year and explore the pathways available to them.  Students and whanau will also be able to get advice and guidance on qualifications and careers from specialists in these areas.  More information will be sent out via the school notices,app and facebook nearer to that date.

2021 classes:

Year 9 students do not need to login to School Point to select core programmes or options. They will enter their selections on the enrolment form.Year 9 students will choose between integrated and traditional core programmes. You will choose 8 options.

Year 10 students will choose between integrated and traditional core programmes.  You will choose up to 4 options.

Year 11 students must have two English and Mathematics in their course as they provide literacy and numeracy credits. We highly recommend they have at least one science in their course.  You will be able to choose up to 12 options. Most courses are 6 months long and count as 1 option.  A course that lasts over the whole year will count as 2 options.

Year 12 must have an English rich subject in their course.  You will be able to choose 5 other options.

Year 13: You will be able to choose 5 options

For Students

This site will provide you with everything you need to know about choosing your courses for 2021.  

Use the resources available to you at school to help you make wise course choices. Your whanau teacher, subject teachers, Deans or the Careers Team will all be very happy to help you make the best decisions. If you require a customised timetable, please speak with your dean to complete your option selection.

For Whanau

Your student will be able to select her courses for 2021 by logging into School Point through the Parent Portal.  Junior students will have to select their core programme and their options.  Senior students (Years 11 to 13) will have greater choice but will be guided toward including the required literacy and numeracy standards contained within the courses.  For students in Year 12 and 13, the full range of credits available in each course is shown although students are expected to complete only 16 - 18 in each course.  Through discussion with their subject teachers, students and classes will negotiate which standards are the most appropriate for them to complete over the course of the year.  

You can approve your student's courses.  Once your student has completed their options selection, you can log on through the portal and approve their choices. If you do this, they will no longer be able to change their course.

Due date for 2021 options: 4 September 2020

Please note, after this date, course selection or any changes will not be possible through this site.  Make an appointment to see your Dean for any further help or guidance.  

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