Year 10 Dance

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: L. Neal

Year 10 Dance prepares students for the Senior Dance courses which have literacy credits and are University approved.

Students develop communication skills through problem solving and working together as a team. They develop movement skills, personal fitness and health through a wide range of dance styles. They also learn analysis of dance and research different dance genres.

The skills learned in Dance are valuable in any career. This is a very practical course that challenges students both physically, mentally and socially.
Working with others to create an end product that is going to be seen by the public is extremely motivating, challenging and exciting. It requires students to work cooperatively, take risks and step outside their comfort zone. These are all skills that are very sought after in the work place today.

Contributions and Equipment

All students need: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, glue stick, highlighters, coloured pencils, scissors for all classes

Specific requirements for this class are:
1 1B5 Exercise Book
2 x black leggings (preferably 1 x short & 1 x ¾ length )

Recommended Prior Learning

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