What if I can’t decide what subjects to choose?

I am  good at:

What about...


Biology, Chemistry, Earth and space sci, Environmental sci, Gen Sci,Geography, Health sci, Maths, Physics

Creative things

Art, Design, DVC, English, Hospitality, Photography, PAD, PAM, Smashbook, Textiles

Performing arts

Dance, Drama, Music, Performing arts


Dance, Health, Outdoor ed, Phys ed

NZ, world and cultures

Chinese, Classics, French, Geography, History, Social Studies, Spanish, Te Reo

Interpersonal skills

Communication and empathy

Dance, English, Health, Outdoor education,Phys ed, Psychology

Practical skills

Making and working with things

Computers and digi tech, DVC, Foods, Hospitality, PAD, PAM, Smashbook, Textiles


Accounting, Calculus, Economics, Foods, Geography, Hospitality, Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics 

I am interested in...

What about...

Earth’s environment, places of physical features

Earth and Space Science, Environmental Science, Geography, Social Studies, Tourism, Primary Industries, Science


Biology, Primary Industries, Science


Biology, Primary Industries, Science

Physical world and universe

Earth and Space Science, Geography, Science

How the human body works

Biology, Food and Nutrition, Health, Health Science, Physical Education

Human behaviour

Biology, Geography, Health, Psychology

How human society works

Classical Studies, Geography,Health,  History, Psychology, Social Studies 

Business and Commerce

Accounting, Economics, Enterprise, Primary Industries

Te Ao Māori

Te Reo, Te Reo - toi, Te Reo - performance, Māori contemporary art

World culture and arts

Art, Art history, Classical Studies, Chinese, French, History, Spanish

Religion or theology

Art History, Classical Studies, History

World current affairs or history

Art History, Classical Studies, Geography, Social Studies

Working with and helping people

Duke of Edinburgh, Early Childhood, Enterprise



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