Level 2 Health Science

Course Description

This course is designed with the students' wants/needs in mind.This course will provide an opportunity to learn about human anatomy and physiology. It is a course for students wanting to progress with a career in the health sector, whether it is to become a nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or health and nutrition specialist, sport scientist etc.  It is a ‘learning’ course that will create great foundation knowledge for a 1st year health science paper.  Whilst the focus is on learning students will have an opportunity to gain some achievement standard credits if they require them.

Some examples are:

30636 (7 credits at level 3).  Demonstrate knowledge of the human body and its movement during exercise and stretching.

30933 - Demonstrates exercise and stretching techniques (5 credits)

30935 - Develop and implement an exercise plan for personal physical fitness (5 credits)

First Aid 6401, 6402 (3 credits)

We are also currently applying for accreditation to offer:

Unit standard 27457, 6 credits at level 3. Describe the anatomy and physiology of systems and associated organs of the human body

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Research skills.
  • The basic structure, function and integration of the following body systems:
  1. Cells, tissues and organisational anatomy

  2. The musculoskeletal system

  3. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems

  4. The nervous system

  5. The Integumentary system

  6. The lymphatic system

  7. The endocrine system

  8. The urinary and reproductive systems

  • Collaboration.

  • Critical thinking and deeper understanding.

  • Understanding base scientific knowledge that can be applied.

Other information:

You will be able to get the credits needed in your other 5 subjects and use this course to learn what you're passionate about. Come and be fascinated!

Resources Required

1 x exercise book