Year 11 Outdoor Educaton - Ocean to Forest

Course Description

In the Ocean to Forest course, students will develop their confidence and competence in the ocean and forest environments. Students will demonstrate interpersonal skills and personal responsibility through the planning and completion of both day and overnight outdoor trips with a key focus on self management and kaitiakitanga. 

This course is a mix of both classroom and practical lessons.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Self management - developing strategies to manage self through challenging outdoor contexts and understanding impacts on participation.  This includes organisation, setting goals, seeking knowledge and motivation. 
  • Moana Unit: Sea kayaking/snorkelling skills, investigating the marine environment, safety management and key ideas for kaitiakitanga. These activities will have a competency based assessment during EOTC trips that will involve managing self and showing care for the environment. Students will reflect on their actions and their impact on their own participation and our environments.
  • Interpersonal Skills- participate in cooperative groups, contribute fairly to the task, communicate effectively and show respect to others.
  • Ngahere Unit: Navigation and tramping skills with a focus on learning about safety management and working as a team in the forest environment. This includes tramping, camp craft, cooking and environmental care. Knowledge around our native flora and fauna and traditional uses.

Students will learn about core bushcraft skills to build on in Levels 2 and 3 Outdoor Education.

  • Leadership - participate as team leaders or effective team members in project assignments and organise work to meet goals and team roles.
  • Kaitiakitanga: Environmental awareness and care will be incorporated into all trips and students will be required to demonstrate good environmental practices. Students will investigate Kaitiakitanga and Leave No Trace Principles during the course. 
  • Developing a growth mindset - participate in challenging outdoor activities with a positive mindset and overcoming personal difficulties.

  • Movement and technical skills in a range of contexts - demonstrate skills in sea kayaking, tramping and team building activities.

Other information: 

Students wishing to create a full year Outdoor Education course can take this course alongside 11 Outdoor Education  - Mountain to Coast.

Resources Required

Exercise clothes
1 Set of thermals. Talk to your teacher before purchasing
1 Pair of sturdy shoes - Talk to your teacher before purchasing
All specialist safety equipment will be provided for each activity