Right now, in New Zealand, there are a growing number of opportunities for Drama practitioners, not only in theatre but in television, film and internet productions. In addition to a very active locally based television and film production scene, the industry is booming with Disney, Amazon, Netflix and James Cameron all making ongoing commitments to producing projects here such as the $1million per episode Lord of the Rings television series just starting in Auckland and the Avatar movie series being made out of Wellington. 

Former Drama students can find a wide range of employment opportunities in stage and screen related areas, in addition to acting. These include Playwrighting, Screenwriting, Stage direction, Film and Television direction, Set Design, Lighting Design, Sound design, Make-up design, Special effects, Art direction, Gaffer, Props making, Arts administration, Film producing, Arts marketing, Production Management and, of course, teaching. 

At WGHS, the Drama department is looking st developing more opportunities for students to work with camera performance and production and is actively involved with the creation of local pathways into the theatre for our former students.