Year 10 Food and Nutrition: Skills for Life (This course is now full and no longer available in 2021)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: L. Valli

This course is designed for students who are keen to learn important life skills and have an interest in research and experimenting. Students will learn about food safety and will be expected to implement this knowledge in their practical lessons. They will gain essential knowledge about teenage nutrition and how to plan meals to fit a food budget. Students will research a culture of their choice to compare and contrast different foods and food practices to what we do in New Zealand. They will also get the opportunity to plan and create a dish of their choice for a class party at the end of the semester. The practical component of the course will allow students to enhance their practical skills by preparing a range of healthy meals and snacks. Students will work collaboratively and have the opportunity to be creative and unique with how they present their dishes.

Year 10 classes have 2 practical classes per timetable cycle.


Year 11 Food and Nutrition - Nourishment for Life, Year 11 Food and Nutrition - Topical Nutrition Trends, Year 11 Hospitality - Come Dine with Me, Year 11 Hospitality - Masterchef 101

Contributions and Equipment

All students need: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, glue stick, highlighters, coloured pencils, scissors.

Specific requirements for this class are:
1 1B8 Exercise Book
Students have the option of bringing in additional or specialised ingredients

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry

Pathway Tags

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Food Technology, Food Science, New product design, Food Engineering, Quality Assurance, Food Critic, Food Stylist, Cake Decorator, Product Promotion, Hospitality, Chef, Baker, Bar Manager, Bar Tender, Front of House, Caterer, Housekeeper, Cafe Manager, Hotel/ Motel Receptionist, Barista.