Year 10 Primary Industries

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

This course is designed to give students an introduction into what is involved in some areas of New Zealand’s Primary Industries. Students will be introduced to the dairy industry locally and will look at products created from milk and they will have a field trip to a local dairy farm and the Fonterra factory. Students will be introduced to different aspects of aquaculture, such as mussel, oyster and salmon farming in different parts of New Zealand. We will take a closer look at kaimoana as an important resource for tangata whenua and the need for kaitiakitanga (guardianship). We will also get out in the school garden (māra kai) and grow produce for the school community integrating some tikanga into our practice, while also carrying out tasks like cuttings, grafting, pruning, etc 

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Understands teamwork and works with others
  • From pasture to plate, how we produce good quality milk on a farm, to the value added production of milk products
  • Manages resources
  • Aspects of aquaculture
  • Planning and organising
  • Tikanga around our māra kai

  • Garden to table, grow a range of produce for our local community, integrating horticultural skills into our learning

Year Levels/Departments:

Year 10, Science

Resources Required

1 x 1E5 or 1B5 Exercise book