Year 11 Spanish - Beginners' Practical Spanish for Tourism, Travel, Work and Study

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: P. Henderson

Vamonos! Let's Go!
Year 11 Beginners' Practical Spanish Skills

This one-semester course would suit students with no prior knowledge of Spanish who wish to learn basic Spanish to help with travel overseas or with employment in the tourism/hospitality sector in New Zealand. It is not designed for students who have completed 10 Spanish - they are advised to take the NCEA pathway.

Students will learn to communicate ORALLY in a range of practical tourist scenarios, both as a tourist and as a tourism worker. E.g.
• In a café/restaurant
• At the airport/train station
• In a shop
• At the hotel
They will learn this through:
• Role plays
• Games
• Listening activities
• Viewing clips
• Recording a bank of expressions
• Memorising useful phrases
• Pronunciation activities

Assessment will consist of both Self and Teacher assessment of ability to communicate in a range of scenarios


Year 12 Enterprise Business, Year 12 Tourism

Contributions and Equipment

Contributions and equipment: students may be offered an optional relevant outing (e.g.) to a Mexican restaurant or other cultural event

1 B5 exercise book, own device recommended (preferably laptop)

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry

Pathway Tags

Hospitality worker, Tourism worker, Customer Liaison Officer, Entrepreneur

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