Year 11 Tourism - Boarding Pass

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: D. Severinsen

Students will learn:

  • What a tourist looks like, why they travel, and where they travel to
  • Tourism career pathways and work roles
  • Festivals/Celebrations around the world
  • Tourism industry expectations
  • Popular tourist destinations - local, national and international
  • How to plan a holiday - Local, national and international destinations.

How students will learn:

  • Students will create a tourism business that will cater for visiting cruise ship passengers. 
  • Students will design a tourist resort. They will need to consider: the type of tourist they want to attract, how they will market their resort, work roles, uniform and the positive and negative impacts this could create.
  • Students will plan a holiday. They will need to create an itinerary, use online booking sites, stick to a budget, consider challenges they may face.


Students will use the following skills:  critical thinking, collaboration, communication, research, and problem solving.

What students will enjoy: 

  • Exploring through real life contexts.
  • Visiting the Town Basin.
  • Hearing from people in the industry.
  • Learning about their local community as well as the world around them.


Year 12 Geography, Year 12 Tourism