Year 9 Money Smart

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: J. Lang

What will I learn?
All students need an understanding of at least the fundamentals of being an active participant in the Economy. They require financial skills and to be able to make informed economic decisions with their money. This course aims to increase their financial capabilities and make students more aware about what influences their choices and the implications of their decisions. Students engage with money concepts through activities, projects and challenges as they become money smart.

Topics include:
- How to make good spending decisions
- Currency
- The pro's and cons of new ways to pay
- Making the most of Kiwisaver
- Budgeting
- Wise use of credit
- Beating the Shopping Challenge
You can't afford not to be Moneysmart


Year 10 Accounting, Year 10 Economics, Year 10 Enterprise Business

Contributions and Equipment

All students need: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, glue stick, highlighters, coloured pencils, scissors for all classes.

Specific requirements are as follows:
BYOD Device
1 1B8 Exercise Book

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry

Pathway Tags

Market Researcher, Financial Advisor, Retailing, Sales, Accountant, Banking, Management, Government Departments, Economist, Analyst, Researcher, Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Banker, Advertising, Sports Marketer, Events Manager, Teacher, Small Business Manager, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Product Development, Human Resources Advisor, Recruitment Manager, Entrepreneur (in your own business), Journalist, Investment Banking, Retail Buying, Retail Management, Public Relations Officer, Bank Management, Distribution & Logistics Management, Insurance Underwriter, International Market Developer, Property Manager, Property Valuer, Property Developer, Accounts Officer, Auditor, Debt Collector, Finance Manager, Financial Adviser, Financial Dealer, Payroll Officer, Mortgage Broker, Actuary, Energy Auditor, Real Estate Agent, Business Analyst, Computer Support Technician, Database/Systems Administrator, Game Developer, Information and Communication Technology Manager.

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