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Year 11 French NCEA Pathway

Course Description

In 11 French NCEA Pathway students will continue to develop their communication skills in spoken and written French; exploring ideas beyond the present so that they can convey more complex ideas, including a wider range of vocabulary and expressions.  By exploring a variety of relevant topics they will compare and contrast their own surroundings with those in French-speaking countries and be able to express their own ideas in French. They will continue to develop their cross-cultural awareness as they understand how language and culture are intertwined.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Communication skills - how to speak, listen, read and write in more complex French, including past and future ideas. 
  • Teenage life in New Zealand and in French-speaking countries - communicate similarities and differences in French.
  • Information Use skills - how to choose which words best suit your communication goal and how to arrange them in authentic French sentences.
  • Viewing and listening (films, clips and songs) - communicate your personal response in French.
  • Technology Use skills - how to use digital tools to inform, organise and present your language learning. 
  • Giving opinions/preferences in French.
  • Systems thinking skills - learn the patterns in the language and apply them accurately to improve communication. Develop further cultural understanding through the study of the language.

  • Making future plans or making excuses in French.

  • Describing past events in French, such as holidays.

  • Giving instructions and advice in French.

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Resources Required

1 x 1B5 exercise book and a clearfile for handouts