Year 11 History - Adolf Hitler: Monster, Madman or Military Genius?

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: R. Kuitert

Why did war break out in 1939? Who was Hitler the man? Why did he do what he did? Is he solely to blame for world war, concentration camps and the Holocaust? Was he mad or was there a logic to his actions? This course aims to answer these questions and discover NZ's role in World War Two.

Students will explore this topic through film, documentaries and a range of internet and book based texts. Critical thinking is a key historical skill, and students who select this course will be encouraged to discuss, debate, challenge their own and others' assumptions and to ask difficult questions. Students will learn in a range of settings, developing both independent and collaborative learning strategies.

The two assessments are NCEA-based and will prepare students with the key historical thinking skills required for NCEA History at Level Two.

Contributions and Equipment

1B8 exercise book, internet capable device (laptop or chromebook or ipad).

Recommended Prior Learning

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