Year 11 Primary Industries

Course selection will be active in August.

Course Description

This course will have students exploring what is grown and where in New Zealand and why they are grown/produced there. Students will explore concepts such as livestock health, nutrition and reproduction and how they impact the production of your product. As part of this unit, they will visit a farm to see these concepts in action. Students will also gain practical skills applicable for the primary sector such as wire knots, setting up temporary electric fences, preparing a seed bed for sowing, planting seedlings, setting up and using spray packs.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Working with others.
  • What do we grow in NZ and where?
  • Self management in a safe environment.
  • Exploring the everyday practices on a farm.
  • Planning and organising.
  • Practical skills such as fencing.
  • Practical skills related to primary industries.


Resources Required

1 x 2B5 exercise book

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