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Year 11 Spanish - Say "¡Olé!" to NCEA!

Course selection will be active from the 14th August 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: P. Henderson

Say "¡Olé!" to NCEA! This full year course is suitable for students who took year 10 Spanish because it will build on the skills learned in that course. It will prepare students for their future travel plans or for a career using Spanish in the global economy.

Students will learn:
• How to talk about themselves and express their own ideas in Spanish
• How to listen and understand spoken and written Spanish
• To understand aspects of Hispanic culture
• To make links between their own language and Spanish

The learning will happen within contexts such as Healthy Lifestyles, Technology and Social Media, Shopping in Town, Holidays,  The World of Work, Hispanic Festivals and Cultural Events.

Learning activities will involve:
• A mix of written and spoken activities both individual and collaborative. Classroom and online games to build vocabulary and communication skills.
• Viewing and listening activities.
Learning will be assessed in a range of ways including teacher observation, formative feedback and feed-forward, timely quizzes and tests and online tools. Students will also begin to build portfolios of speaking and writing to develop the skills necessary for Level 2 NCEA portfolios if they decide to proceed to NCEA next year.

Contributions and Equipment

Either 1 x 2B8 or 2 x 1B5 exercise book
1 x 40 page clearfile

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Spanish 


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