Year 11 Delve Deeper Dance

Course Description

This course is designed for students wanting to expand the knowledge gained in the Dance Essentials course in the first semester, by further developing your  technique, performance, and choreographic skills through a collaborative process.  You will be provided with opportunities to teach others and explore a wider range of dance genres, cultural and current dance styles.  A requirement of this course is to produce choreography from  a variety of stimuli , in a variety of pairs, and groups, and even co-construct a class piece for performance.  You will develop your critical thinking skills as you learn to analyse a wide variety of professional dance works and research your personal interest areas in dance.  Using a written and digital portfolio you will reflect on personal and professional choreographic techniques. Students wanting to take a full year of Dance will need to choose the  Year 11 Dance Essentials as well as  this  Delve Deeper Dance course.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Team work 
  • Choreography - creating movement sequences to express personal and cultural ideas.
  • Communication
  • Exploring a range of genres and using your own favourite styles to create choreography and performances pieces.
  • Collaboration
  • Performance skills - learn dances, refine techniques, rehearse to develop performance qualities including confidence, facial expressions and energy to entertain an audience.
  • Resilience
  • Analysis of a variety of dance genres/styles including New Zealand and overseas choreographers.
  • Literary skills (writing and research)

Resources Required

Folder or A4 book