Year 9 Chinese Passport

Course Description

9 Chinese Passport is a one-term option giving students a taste of Chinese language by offering some pronunciation skills, useful phrases and cultural insights. Students will work in pairs or small groups to carry out 2 short conversations in which they introduce themselves and they will create a presentation (poster or slideshow) to explain an aspect of Chinese culture from their own research. 

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Communication - making yourself understood in another language and respecting another culture.
  • Where are these languages spoken?
  • Memory - using brain-gym and other methods to remember new words and sounds.
  • The sounds of Chinese initials, finals and tones.

  • Collaboration/Teamwork - e.g. working with a classmate to prepare a conversation.
  • Greetings/Farewells.

  • Technology - e.g. making sound files to help you learn pronunciation.
  • Introducing yourself and others.

  • Numbers and dates to communicate your age, birthday, money.

  • Basic directions.

  • Recognising and learning about some commonly used characters.

  • Practising some Chinese calligraphy with brushes.

  • Famous places in China.

  • Typical foods/cultural events.

Resources Required

1 x 1B5 exercise book