..... in the 21st Century

Our education system used to be very traditional and linked to the needs from the industrial revolution to mass produce students to engage in the workplace. This included training them for specific jobs. However, with the exponential growth in technology over recent years, this model has outlasted its needs, because the job market has changed dramatically and is constantly being updated. As a result some of the jobs we are familiar with are becoming extinct. (See -

 What do our students have to look forward to? How will they survive?

We cannot predict the jobs will be around when our children are grown up, but we can say that they are likely to have to adapt for several different careers, never mind several jobs, over the coming years. Therefore, what do we teach our students to prepare them for this scenario? For a start, we need to move away from content and focus on giving them the skills to cope with a world full of rapid change.

The 21st Century learner needs to be more future focused and possess the five Key competencies: Lifelong learning, Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding Symbols and Texts, Managing Self and Participating and Contributing.

They will also need certain crucial skills as shown in the above diagram :

  • Life and Career Skills: to be flexible and adaptable, initiate and self-direct, have social and cross-cultural skills, productive and be accountable, good leaders and be responsible.
  • Learning and Innovation Skills: to be creative and innovative, critical thinkers and problem solvers, communicate and collaborate.
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills: be able to create, evaluate and effectively utilise Information, Technology and Media.

What we are doing in Mathematics?

Whilst our Curriculum in Mathematics is prescribed by NZQA, we have many changes ahead in New Zealand, such as Digital assessments and Project based learning. This means the above skills are crucial for our students success in this modern learning environment. In the Mathematics department, we are aiming to address these skills in our courses whilst still covering the necessary content for NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.

We look forward to teaching your students and working in partnership with you during these crucial years. Therefore if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me : Suhil Musa, HOD Mathematics

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    Some current careers and jobs involving Mathematics