Year 11 Science - Reproduction Reality and Kiwi Kai

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Scourfield


Ever wondered why you have an upset belly while you are menstruating? Or why we have mammary glands and our babies drink milk? Learn about your body biology, the hormones that run your life and why it's so special being a wahine. This subject is your chance to learn, ask questions and get factual answers about your body - for your life. 

Did you know that your body is covered in bacteria? And that fungal spores float invisibly in the air? Learn more about the unknown world of microbiology. How microbes help us in biotechnology and food production. Find out about the conditions microbes need to survive and reproduce. Grow your own yeast cells, make Rewana dough, smell fermentation, see excreted gas bubbles, bake bread and taste the goodness that microbes help us experience.

Important please note: this course alone DOES NOT lead into year12 Biology. 


 “It’s very fun and interesting. I have learnt so much. I loved this course”

“It’s a great open class where you can talk about many things you wouldn’t normally get to”

“I would definitely recommend this subject for the future as it’s really helpful for you as an adult”

“The reproductive course has given me a clearer mind set on my body and my future”

“I think it’s a great course to take because it’s good to learn more about your body and what its like to give birth - positives and negatives”

“I would say that you learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t think or know learning, about food and how it grows and stuff”

“It is really fun and you learn heaps. I wish I could have it for longer”

Contributions and Equipment

1 x 1B5 exercise book

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry