Year 11 Food and Nutrition - Nourishment for Life

Course Description

Nourishment for Life encourages students to demonstrate understanding of different dietary requirements, practise food budgeting and develop essential research and writing skills using nutrition contexts of their choice. Students develop cookery skills using a variety of techniques along with interpersonal skills, time management and communication, while preparing nutritious meals.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

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  • Interpersonal skills - students will collaborate in both theory and practical classes.
  • Lifestyle nutrition - research, analyse and make dietary plans for people who have specific nutritional requirements such as sports nutrition, vegan, maternal nutrition.
  • Critical thinking skills - demonstrate understanding about different types of dietary requirements and apply nutritional knowledge.
  • Food budgeting - create nutritional meals on a budget and reflect on food insecurity in New Zealand.
  • Applied academic skills - research, read, interpret and demonstrate knowledge in a written report for an inquiry project within a nutrition context.
  • Nutrition - explore a nutritional context of your choice for an inquiry project and then plan and prepare a meal which supports your findings. 
  • Complex practical cookery skills - develop confidence in a variety of cookery techniques, enhance knife skills, time management, and interpersonal skills while preparing nutritious meals.
  • Influence of pop culture on dietary trends and fad diets - how celebrities can influence people to buy products or follow diets which are not recommended.

Other information:

Year 11 classes have 2 practical classes per timetable cycle.


Resources Required

Exercise book, covered shoes for practical lessons.