Year 11 Design and Visual Communication - Amazing Spaces

Course Description

Students work through the design process to solve an architectural design brief. They will explore design history and visual communication methods to create quality outcomes for an audience.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Creativity - Students create innovative design ideas/solutions and display divergent thinking. This can be seen in the presentation of spatial solutions.
  • Explore architecture - looking at interior, exterior and landscape design.

  • Communication - Develop presentation skills using a variety of media - rendering chalk, rapid markers, the Adobe Suite, Sketchup, digital and physical modelling.
  • Work with a design brief and site, exploring constraints and opportunities relevant to client needs.

  • Using information - Use the design process to develop ideas, learning about ergonomics, scale, materials and construction.
  • Tiny homes, container architecture, tree houses, 3D modelling.

  • Careers Pathways.


Resources Required

Final product $30 - (optional)
Visual Diary - optional (This only needs to be purchased once - Students taking multiple art and/or technology subjects may re use this over the course of the year)
Students also have the option to purchase more specialised materials, equipment or resources for their individual projects (e.g: developing screens for printing vs hand cut, pine vs rimu) they will need to be mindful of this when working through the design process.