Year 11 Textile and Fashion Technology - Sewing 101, Back to Basics

Course Description

Students will grow their confidence working in the textile workshop and developing techniques to create quality textile projects. Led by students' personal interests, this practical course will cover the fundamentals of sewing and garment construction, including fabric and pattern selection, basic modification and construction techniques.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Creativity - Students create innovative design ideas/solutions
  • Reverse engineering- working from a finished product they will observe, analyse and problem solve to make an exact replica of their starting product. This is a short project which gets students used to the workroom and to get them looking at how things are made and finished to inform their own practice.
  • Technological process which involves research, planning, time management, design, construction and a final evaluation which measures how well the solution meets the brief of the client
  • Students will select their own commercial pattern to work from based on their skill level and aesthetic tastes. They will each learn the language / terms used in the instructions and follow them to make a well finished and functional outcome. 
  • Technology use - students will be able to use technology and equipment, understanding the tools, components and systems

  • Time Management - Use time management strategies to ensure students can manage resources, support and materials

Resources Required

Final product: $40 (optional).
Students also have the option to purchase more specialised materials, equipment or resources for their individual projects. (e.g: developing screens for printing vs hand cut, pine vs rimu). They will need to be mindful of this when working through the design process.