Year 9 Drama

Course Description

In this option course,  students will be introduced to, or re-familiarised with, basic performance skills, including: use of space, devising and characterisation through use of voice and body. 

It also includes an element of written drama theory covering: drama literacy, stage types and mime technique. The course finishes with a performance to an invited audience. 

As the course is what students make of it,. POSITIVE PARTICIPATION IS A MUST.   If students bring a positive attitude and actively participate in lessons, they will find the course is a great confidence builder and lots of fun.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Personal confidence.
  • Use of space. 
  • Collaborative group skills.
  • The importance of observation Mime.
  • Physical awareness.
  • Mime.
  • Listening and speaking skills.
  • Physical comedy.
  • Individual and collective responsibility.
  • Creating short scenarios for performance.

  • Improvisation.

  • Rehearsal.

  • Performance

Resources Required

WGHS shorts and t-shirt (Same as for PE)
1 3B1 Notebook