Year 11 Creative Digital Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Kyd

As digital technologies increasing shape our world, young people who are confident with technology will have many exciting opportunities available to them. Creative Digital Technologies aims to support students to become not just knowledgeable users of technology, but also creators of their own digital solutions. Students will engage in a variety of projects to develop technical skill, problem solving skills and creativity. 

Design and code a website
Create an animated clip
Build and program a robot
Design and code a game and character
Program a chatbot (Python/Javascript)


Year 12 Creative Digital Technology

Recommended Prior Learning

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Pathway Tags

Web developer, Software developer, Animator, Graphic design, Game Developer, Gaming artist, Virtual reality developer, Social media manager, Digital marketing, E-commerce, IT support, IT Project manager, Database administrator, Computer programmer, Engineer (various), User experience designer