Year 11 English - Stage and Screen

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

From Shakespeare to Spielberg, this course offers students the opportunity to learn how to ‘see’ visual texts as deliberately crafted for both the stage and for the screen. We will also learn how to find thematic links within, across, and beyond texts, as well as extending our knowledge of critical thinking and closely viewing visual texts.

Learning Opportunities

In this course you will need to:

Develop these skills:Explore this content:
  • Critical thinking of how and why texts have been created for an intended purpose.
  • Thematic study of a Shakespearean text and exploring its relevance in the world today.
  • Close reading of film - understanding the terminology of film production and the meaning behind certain uses of film.
  • A variety of films and visual texts, exploring how they reflect deeper meaning through their crafting.
  • Essay writing and how to structure ideas in written format.
  • Developing an understanding of how stage performances and play transcripts are written and directed for intended purposes.
  • Personally responding to texts and identifying important connections between self and proposed ideas within fiction.
  • Connecting texts across a wider range of medias, allowing for self selected texts.

Year Levels/Departments:

Year 11, English

Resources Required

1B8 exercise book, headphones