Year 11 Media Studies - What are you watching?

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: B. O'Rourke

A largely academic course focused on developing critical thinking skills around the use of screens in current society. Starting with small handheld screens and moving to the "big" screen, students will explore audience theories and current issues around social media platforms, then move towards close reading for identity and (mis)representation in NZ short film.

If you read a lot of books, you’re considered well read. But if you watch a lot of tv, you’re not considered well viewed ! - Lily Tomlin

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Year 12 Media Studies

Contributions and Equipment

8GB pen drive

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry

Pathway Tags

television, radio, print journalism, producers, directors, art designers, production runners, cinematographers, videographers, advertising, social media specialists, drone operator, camera operator, event management, video and film editors, copywriters, print editors, costumers, prop makers, animator, communication, public relations, policy advisors, scriptwriter, planners, digital marketing, graphic designers, digital web design, programmers, media analysts, brand marketing, creatives, client liaison, account directors, market researchers, video game designer, Production Assistant, radio host, campaign executive, composer/musician, sound recordist, digital engineer, lighting technician, researcher, location manager, actor

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