Year 11 Science - Life on Mars

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Scourfield

Could humans really one day visit the red planet? Would we be able to survive?

This course will help you to understand what constitutes life and what living things need to survive, and how humans will need to use technology to ensure their safety in travelling beyond Earth.

Some of the things you will learn about:

  • The life processes of all living things
  • How Earth is affected by the sun and moon, and our position in the solar system and galaxy.
  • How our solar system and each planet was formed.
  • What conditions are like on the planets that are nearest to us, especially Mars.
  • Growing plants in Martian soil.
  • How we get into space currently, and what conditions are like once we get there.
  • How NASA and other agencies choose astronauts for these missions.
  • Which missions have already been sent into space, and what are they trying to find out.
  • How we could prepare for, travel to and survive on Mars.

Possible pathways:

This course could lead into further studies in science in L2 and L3, in particular L2 Earth and Space Science. There are also plenty of very cool university courses globally where you could build on this, or even go and work for RocketLab in Auckland or the Mahia peninsula.


Year 12 Earth and Space Science

Contributions and Equipment

1 x 1E5 or 1B5 (or equivalent)

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry: this course is open to all Y11 students, regardless of your abilities in science. It would be nice if you had an interest in space and life in space, but even that is not necessary...